International Ordering Procedures

Dear International Customer,

Because of PayPal's rules, guidelines and policies as our credit card processor on, we are unable to make shipment to you outside the United States using payment received via PayPal - even if PayPal has operations in your country. The problem, though, if you do so, is that PayPal will not differentiate and will accept your order no matter where you may be located, after which we will need to issue a refund and advise of the following information (we hope that PayPal will sometime soon, as it branches out worldwide, allow us to ship anywhere via payment so received):

FOLLOWING HERE ARE THREE PAYMENT METHODS we accept, one of which you are sure to find convenient in having us quickly and efficiently fulfill your order:

Payment Method #1: Many of our customers utilize the money transfer services of Western Union, which will have your order shipped within 24-to-48 hours after receipt of payment.

You may either telephone or visit (it varies in different countries around the world) your nearest Western Union location (there are nearly 200,000 locations worldwide) and make payment to them either by your credit card or cash (varies in different countries around the world). You may give them the following recipient information for us to receive your payment:

Recipient: Inc.
Address: 1689 46th Street
City, States & Zip (Postal) Code: Brooklyn, NY 11204
Telephone: (718) 972-6599
Fax: (718) 972-9400
Authorized person (with ID) for pickup: Leon or Dora Sternheim

You may then email to us at the transaction/transfer's Western Union "control number," so we may communicate with Western Union here in New York and confirm the availability of funds transferred for pickup.

Western Union money transfers arrive instantly some one-tenth of a mile from our office here in New York. Payment pickups are made by Leon or Dora Sternheim generally each 24-to-48-hour period Monday-Friday, as orders may arrive daily from across the world.

Payment Method #2: Many of our customers use an alternative method of payment to us, what is called an international bank wire (bank-to-bank). Your bank would need the following information to transfer funds to our account at our bank in New York:

Our Bank Name: JPMorganChase Bank
Our Bank's SWIFT/Routing Number: CHASUS33
Our Bank's Branch Address: 4323 18th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11218 USA
Our Account Number: 247500945665
Our Address: 1689 46th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Our Phone Number: (718) 972-6599 (Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.)
Our E-mail Address:

Once received at JPMorganChase Bank, we are notified via mailed/printed receipt, at which point we make shipment within 24-to-48 hours. We must pass along to you a US$25 bank fee charged to us by JPMorganChase Bank to receive international bank wires.

Payment Method #3: Another acceptable payment method is for us to receive in the mail from you an irrevocable BANK CASHIERS CHECK, made out by a bank in your city, which would be drawn as payable from a bank in the USA, payable in U.S. dollars. For example, the Bank of London issues an irrevocable US$ bank cashiers check payable from their own account at Citibank in New York. All banks worldwide have correspondent banking relationships of this nature. You may then mail the irrevocable bank cashier's check to us at:

1689 46TH STREET

Regardless of which payment or shipping method you intend to use, please always confirm with us the amount of payment to be sent and the set-aside of the unit(s) you are ordering.


Shipping Method #1: Shipping and handling (US$6.95 on our site is for domestic UPS shipment alone) to Europe, Asia, Africa or South America, for example, is usually US$51 (for the total shipment - for an unlimited number of items), applicable insurance and tracking included, via United States
International Express Mail service. Delivery takes from 4-10 days using this method, generally.

Shipping Method #2: We are now offering another method of shipment: Standard/Global Air Mail. Though cheaper, the United States Postal Service may not allow insurance to be made available using this method. We acquire from the United States Postal Service a "Certificate of Mailing" or Global Priority certificate for each such shipment showing proof of such shipment, which we may e-mail an image of (the limit of our responsibility). The chance of loss by the United States Postal Service has been (unofficially) quoted as only one in ten thousand, so a less expensive item ordered - where spending US$
51 for International Express Mail with insurance may not be worthwhile - might pay to have shipment effected in this manner. Cost for such standard Air Mail shipment is US$16.95.

Shipping Method #3:
United Parcel Service Worldship Express will deliver our shipment to you in as little as two days. While the most expensive, it works for when you need delivery right away. Costs for UPS Worldship Express vary (running US$
75 at minimum) and are acquired and provided upon request.

If the above information omitted something you wish to know, please feel free to query. If you wish to go ahead and place an order using one of the above procedures, please advise via e-mail and we will set aside the item(s) you wish to purchase, so that you are guaranteed inventory for shipment upon receipt of your payment.

It will be our pleasure to serve your needs and we regret any inconvenience you may endure as a result of PayPal's policies.

Best regards,

Jack Stern