Additional Shipping Services

In the event you have been quoted costs for additional shipping service, such as for overnight or second-day UPS, you may click the buy button below, after which you may modify the "quantity" of the $1 units and press "update cart" to achieve the total amount necessary for the additional service on our shopping cart.

Using this method, we are capable of handling any shipping needs, regardless of cost, which may arise.

In any event, since $6.95 will always be charged upon checkout, the quote you will receive for the additional shipping service will always be for additional payment above and beyond the $6.95 being charged for shipping.


$1.00 Units



$10.00 additional (above regular $6.95) for Standard shipping to Canada (uninsurable)



$44.00 additional (above regular $6.95) for International Express Mail shipping (insured) to "confirmed" addresses in Canada and the UK